Existing got me into trouble

by annex50

Let's see. I had a fun childhood (sarcasm). My mom died when I was 8 so I mostly remember living with my dad and step-mother. I got busted for ridiculous things like eating cookies out of the cookie jar. Really, eating anything that wasn't slapped on the table for me was forbidden. At one point, my step-mother went so far as to put post-it notes on food in the fridge that said "DO NOT TOUCH".

I would also get in trouble (or inexplicably punished) if I came home too early, when company was over, or when nobody was home. Many times the garage door would be locked so I couldn't get in. However, I found ways to break in when no one was home. Summers, which were usually fun for most kids, sucked for me since I had to stay outside all day regardless if friends could hang out. That led to many days walking around bored and seeking shade in the forest. Being bored, I probably did some things that I shouldn't have like stealing minor things out of people's garages. I mostly took sodas, food, and one time I took a small, portable radio which was awesome. I listened to sports talk radio or would read a book somewhere to help the time pass.

Oh, there were so many more memories. I would rather not depress myself. This question sucks. Have a great day!