A good friend needs to be dialed in.

by annex50

A true friend should be able to figure out when to stay silent and when to offer guidance. Sometimes, we need a push from another when feeling depressed. Attempting to pull someone out of a negative situation not only shows that you care but that you are aware of their struggle and will offer what you can to that person.

Your friend should be able to just let loose and have fun. Not everything you say or do should be put through some decoder to find out the “real” meaning or intent.

Friends should also want to know more about who you are. Conversation can be quite bland throughout the day so it is nice to have someone who can connect with you on a deeper level and question the many unknown aspects about ourselves and the world. For this to work, your friend must actually be able to listen. Rare trait, indeed. I can’t tell you how annoying it is to repeat the same story I just told someone the day before or even a week before. If I am bothering to tell you something that is important to me then I should expect that you will remember it.