Being lame should be a crime

by annex50

I was going to title this post as "Being fake", but then I realized that you can accomplish this task and still get what you want. I say, don't be lame! Don't tell me about your conquest over Iraq and hundreds of women that span all personality possibilities. Just tell me where you are right now and what your struggles are. If not, then at least tell me that you want me to feed your ego so that you can continue to do what you've been doing and now feel motivated to continue it. Why befriend another when they are only there to serve as a stepping stone just like your supposed whores? A crime is something that most people would consider to be immoral or wrong in some sense. Should you lie or manipulate me ever? Maybe. Should you be lame and let me be a pawn in your game that leads to an end that has been conquered before? I think not.