Purgatory House

by annex50

Sorry if my title led you to think that this was going to be some introspective piece. It is a movie though that I watched recently. I read the description and thought it sounded interesting. It was to be about some goth-inspired teen who was disenchanted with life and committed suicide and ended up in purgatory. Tom Hanks brother, Jim, is a main actor in the movie as God, Saint James, and a doctor. He was pretty cool. I am mainly posting this because the soundtrack is awesome. There are many songs that really blew me away and not in the trance/ambient/new age kind of way that I normally like. Check out the soundtrack. The movie was disappointing. I like the attempt to send a positive message to those teens who are contemplating suicide but feel like the movie was a bit lame in the end. It basically said that you will regret ending your life early only because of what awaits you on the other side if you make such a “mistake”. Her life sucked in her own eyes in the movie, she lost her mother when she was young, and her father seemed like a shallow ass while she was alive. She seemed to have good reason for not wanting to live especially since growing up seemed to lead to more of the same. I am not sure if the movie accomplished what it wanted. See it if you want to disagree. It, at least, has some darkness to it and has a Donnie Darko feel. It just falls way too short.