'Truth' sounds so sweet

by annex50

“The truth is…” is the best start to any real conversation. Don’t you crave someone telling you something genuine? We all learn something in this life, yet we all are living in a world so different than the other. Sometimes, a bit of honesty without some sort of personal or financial gain is all one can ask for. Tell me something real that you haven’t been given permission to say from your religious book, television set, or other communication medium. What do YOU really think given this body and mind you have been given? I feel like I have only one purpose. I feel that it is to learn from my fellow experiencer (it’s not a word, I know.) Don’t we share this plain for a reason? Do you not already see how I have failed to bring up the real point you have always been asking? We all share the same goal yet fail to realize that our journey is truly shared. But, we all, fairly often, succumb to this idea of truth. Is it because we were all taught this idea? Did we want to acknowledge our mother when she gave us milk or taught us how to speak, crawl, walk, talk, communicate, and eventually become a consequential human? Did we ever do so adequately?

You have your own answer. Death accompanies us whether we wish it to or not. This is not some rosy story. This is life. I mean death. Which comes first? Do you have an answer? I say you do. I can be substituted at any time to mean what you want. If you are here trying to dig beyond the surface and don’t readily accept what has been force-fed to you for survival purposes, then you understand that there is more to transcriptions. This whole living thing and communication thing was taught to you for a reason. Not in some predetermined way but in some spontaneous puzzle-solving-but-hastily-driven kind of way. Your job, if you are this person, is to find your own “truth.” You probably realize that your puzzle is not from Mattel or King James or Muhammad or the Dalai Lama or some paranormal medium. It is within you and it only starts there. It requires your acknowledgment and, then your reach within, and then your step to place the first piece, and then your deciphering of what move to make next, and then your move to make it happen. This interpretation does not stop. It does not stop because you can’t know the completion . It does not end. It won’t do so for you or for your desire to lead those who lag behind. It continues because the answer always resides in the future. You know, the future who will add a question that you never contemplated. This story doesn’t complete because it’s not finite. It breathes in as you cash your check and as you convince another to believe your words. It doesn’t care but yet reaches far beyond your potential because you are you. You. I. Me. We. Existence as we know it. Continuing beyond our expectations because it has to. Because it will. Because it doesn’t have to make sense. Because it has to reach farther than you ever thought possible. Words. Thoughts. Emotions. Desire. Good. Evil. They are what you see. They are words. They exist because you’ve seen them. Unfortunately, and yet fortunately, truth has a purpose beyond understanding. It stands for this thing called a cycle. You start; you experience; you live; you begin again. Oh, I’m sorry. I messed that up. You experience; you start; you end; you begin again. Did the end come first? Damn this linear restriction! Point A, Point B; Life, Death. Didn’t this all make sense? What is the truth? Do you know?