My lucky paranormal amulet.

by annex50

I normally don't believe in good luck charms, but I have two currently. I was searching through psychic readings on ebay the other day because I was, and still am, confused about my life. Why I would think that a reading would help, I have no idea. Anyway, while I was searching, I decided to take a break and tried to do some mental telepathy to see if I could connect with my deceased mother. Again, why I would think that I could do that, I have no idea. Anyway, after no knocking on the wall or any other obvious sign from her to me transpired, I decided to continue on my search for a psychic reading. While I was searching, I stumbled upon some spell-enchanted amulets and such. Some were for love, money, etc. After some perusing, I found this amulet entitled, "Lucky Las Vegas Fitzgerald Horseshoe Charm." My last name is Fitzgerald and my mom was an avid horse rider. As a matter of fact, it was her life. Coincidence? Maybe, but it is a bit odd to ask for a sign and then stumbling upon a charm that I had not been searching for that referenced my last name, Irish heritage, and my mother's passion. There is a Fitzgerald's gambling place in Vegas. My mom frequented Vegas for her trips. I did allow for the possibility to find a sign online but did not expect that. Well, regardless if it was a sign or not, it is supposed to bring good luck to those who gamble. I am not much of a gambler, but I felt compelled to buy it and it is now dangling from my gold necklace that I am wearing right now. The necklace is attached to the post or view it here at:

Getting into the spirit of buying charms, I also bought a "gold" bracelet that I found afterward that is supposed to help it's wearer find a job. I haven't worked in many months so I decided to buy it. I just had a job interview today. Yes, on Father's Day. I wore my lucky bracelet. Will I get the job? Do I want the job? Time will tell.