My psychic reading

by annex50

My comments are in between the **

It is immediately clear that you are an independent and original thinker. You don’t just accept what people tell you to believe. Partly this is because there are ways in which you have been made to feel isolated from certain groups in the past – something of an outsider. Now what is happening is that you are taking that outsider role and defending it to the point of consciously avoiding being part of a group. This will serve you extremely well in your creative pursuits. You have an enormous cynicism towards those who prefer to be part of a group or exhibit any cliquey behaviour and you always feel a pang of disappointment when you see your ‘close’ friends seeming to follow that route. Deep down it feels like rejection.**This is true**

There are some strong monetary shifts taking place at the moment. Both in the recent past and what’s in store over the next few months represent quite a change.**I hope so**

Why do I see a blue car outside your door?**I don’t know. Why do you?**

You are a very creative person and have tried a variety of different avenues to utilise that talent. It may not be that you specifically sing or play a musical instrument. Your creativity may show itself in different more subtle ways. But you certainly find yourself having very vivid and well-formed ideas that others may find difficult to grasp. You set very high standards for yourself and are a bit of a perfectionist in many ways. Unfortunately, this sometimes means you have a problem with getting things done. You find yourself frustrated by the thought that things may not come out perfect and the idea of starting something afresh is wearisome. **This is also true.**

Along with this creativity comes a very strong intuitive sense. You may have even wondered if you have some kind of psychic gift. When a close friend is in trouble or upset you know immediately but aren’t quite sure how. Maybe someone enters into your thoughts for no apparent reason only for them to phone at that precise moment or for you to later discover that something bad has happened to them. These sorts of things do happen to a lot of people but I suspect that they happen to you far more often than usual.

Now for some reason I’m seeing significance with a date in May, something like the early twenties, the twenty-second of May, maybe a date close to that and a man you know who wears glasses.**I only know of my grandmother’s boyfriend Keith whose birthday is in May and I see often. Kris doesn’t wear glasses anymore.**

You will experience problems with an investment, or with something you have bought. **Lovely.**

I feel that at some point within the next month, you will receive an unexpected contact from someone you haven’t heard from in quite a while. You will also begin to adopt a more positive and friendly outlook. You will let go of many old grievances, and start afresh – being a good friend to yourself, and ready to be a good friend to others. You will soon have a larger social circle than at present.

There is a new person coming into your life. This is someone you have been expecting. I feel that she is female and that is for some reason important.

Before the end of the year, I see you finding a valuable family memento which you thought you had lost for good.

When it comes to your career there is a very strong feeling of wasted talent and unused potential. And although you pride yourself on being very good at your job you often feel that it is a little beneath you and your talents would be far better used elsewhere. You have a natural instinct for organisation. You like things to be in the right place. However there are times when this instinct abandons you. I can see a box or folder of old photographs not properly organised or put into albums. Just jumbled together. There’s also some medicines that went out-of-date quite a while ago.**Very true. I thought this was funny because I was just looking through my photos the other day and they were sprawled about in my drawer.**

A house with the number 2 on the door is going to become very important to you.**Hopefully, a big mansion that will be given to me.**

Elements of your career have seemed slightly bleak lately but things are bound to improve very soon. A friend will be inclined to telephone you with news that has an effect on your career, but may decide at the last minute not to do so. However, someone you know will secretly harbour some grudge or ill will against you. They will plan to put obstacles in your way, but you will overcome their plans without even realising it.**This friend better call me!**

Within the next week or two, you will hear of a legal matter which could directly affect you and at the place where you work, there will be some behind-the-scenes dealings which do not involve you, but which will be to your advantage in the long term.

I hope you have found this meaningful. Thank you for allowing me to give you a reading. If you have enjoyed this then please leave positive feedback and recommend me to your friends. And please let me know when my predictions come true.