Michael Jackson: Misunderstood Icon

by annex50

So, I’ve lost my most famous August 29ther. I am left now with John McCain, who may not have much longer either. I don’t count Robin Leach as being influential.
I learned of the Michael Jackson news as I was reading status updates on facebook and it was from the “Being a Smart Ass” fan group. It said something like, the doctors should just take Michael Jackson’s heart and ‘beat it.’ What a way to hear the news!
Anyway, I was shocked as many others were and felt saddened by it. He certainly was a global icon because of his music and videos, but he also was a very interesting and controversial individual. I am sure the psychological world just wishes they could have had more access into Michael Jackson’s mind. I have him potentially pegged with agoraphobia (fear of being in situations that you cannot escape), avoidant personality disorder (hypersensitivity to criticism), body dysmorphic disorder (imagined ugliness usually leading to excessive plastic surgery), and actually potentially many more.
Whether or not it was true, many people quickly labeled him as a child molester because of accusations and some of the things he has said in the past. I find that he was being quite honest when he said in an interview that he slept in the same bed as other children. This doesn’t mean that he did anything sexual with them but does feel uncomfortable for many. He felt that he could connect with children much more easily than adults. Having an abusive father and many adults who were only looking out for their financial interests from his money probably led him to not trust adults. Also, many adults only seemed to be interested in facilitating his career and only gave him accolades when he performed well. He never really was able to develop a true self-identity because no one really cared about that. He learned not to care either. Plus, having such enormous success as a child star had to take it’s toll as well. Hell, look at Britney Spears. She has had her problems as well. Again, people are quick to judge. It seems that if you are in the spotlight and make tons of money that you should always be happy. After all, this is what many of us common folk are fighting for: fame, success, and money.
Why does Michael’s obsession with children unsettle us so much then? Would I feel comfortable letting my child sleep with another man in his bed? I would likely say no. I would have to know that the person was of a clear mind. But, honestly, why do we always assume the worst and use children as objects of fear instead of the loving, exciting beings they are? I am afraid to look in a child’s direction for too long for fear of being dubbed as some child sex deviant. I believe that we need to understand how others think and feel that are different than us. If they break laws, then there are punishments. However, having a radically different view and lifestyle than another is not necessarily a crime or signify insanity.
Well, Michael Jackson has at least been freed of his suffering and anxiety now. I hope that his children are looked after well and don’t have to suffer from many of the same problems that he has had to. I hope that adults are considerate of their feelings and don’t inundate them with financial decisions and stresses and just let them be kids. After all, we wouldn’t let Michael Jackson be a kid when he became an adult even though he missed out on his childhood. Growing up doesn’t have to be so serious, does it?