Current Events

by annex50

I got rejected from Village Inn.  I received an automated email response stating that they chose more qualified candidates for their management positions.  I guess 13 years of restaurant experience and 2 college degrees was just not good enough.  I find it ironic (I am using this defintion from, “an outcome of events contrary to what was, or might have been, expected”) that I helped train a cook making $7/hr and a convicted felon to the point of being promoted to Kitchen Manager at Bennigan’s, and who now is making more money than me and has much better prospects in the eyes of employers than I.  Well, whatever.  By the way, I only posted the defintion of irony because I remember some English teacher getting all anal about people using that word incorrectly, so now I look it up every time I use it.  I have applied to well over 150 restaurant management positions and have only received 4 calls back.  Of those 4, I have received no offers.  My latest was Panera Bread and the interviewer asked me if I was currently working and what I have been doing since Bennigan’s and then quickly ended the conversation.  I suppose pursuing education is perceived as some form of laziness.

In the grand scheme of things, I suppose it is best that I not get involved in a management position that will occupy 50-60 hours per week of my time while I am finishing my last semester at USF.  However, it is still troubling that I feel that I cannot get back into that career path even if I wanted to go back to my former life, you know the comfortable safe path.  I did take a risk by going to USF and abandoning my restaurant management career.  Although, I sometimes wonder if I should have gone to California last year instead of USF, it is probably best that I didn’t.  I do have dreams of moving to Cali, but I would have had to have worked in some restaurant if I had moved there last year.  I know that I would have been stuck in that position if I didn’t take a risk and go for something different.  Sometimes, you have to do that to know what you are really capable of.  If it doesn’t work out, then that sucks especially if you can’t go back to that old, reliable past life that you once had.   But, if it works, then you have a chance to strike that inner chord that beckons to be discovered.  What are we really if we just accept what is in front of us at it’s most superficial value?

You have people and circumstances in your life and they all will continue no matter what you do.  But, you can find your way within that web to make a new progession.  You can propel yourself to a new place;  to a new life.  Is this something that should be desired?  I guess not if you are happy with what you have.  But, don’t settle for comfort.  It is easy to substitue that idea instead of actually taking charge of your life.  Love what you have but expect more.  If you do not, you will stop looking for new ideas and will not push others to do the same.  We are creatures of progression, thought, and emotion.  Without demanding more, we would cease to exist.