Research Follow-up

by annex50

I did get the research position.  I was nervous at first.  When Dr. Storch came out to meet me, I dropped my umbrella out of my lap on the floor because I forgot about it.  After that great start, everything went pretty well.  He sat several feet away from me when we had our conversation and the couch I sat on was comfortable so that allowed me to calm down.  After that, I spoke with his assistant who was my TA in a couple of other classes and she told me about a couple of other professors who may be looking for help.  So, maybe things will work out.  They also said I could work on my own independent study as well, but I am not sure that I could finish that before the end of the y ear.  Typically, you need 1 year to complete a study.  We’ll see.  I have to take a bunch of online tutorials before I can begin volunteering, but I should be starting soon.