by annex50

Sometimes it’s difficult to own your thoughts.  I mean truly understanding and appreciating them.   We think of experiences, dream of them, reminisce, and yet not give much credence to them.  So many people and circumstances have come into our lives and are such a tiny blip on our radar.  Yet, a tiny external blip can disappear and then become such a multi-faceted pervasive resonance within ourselves.  Sometimes, we think of people who have appeared in our lives, let it be what it will and let it go.  How often do we acknowledge the people we think of, whether you remembered them from an experience that triggered their memory or just because you thought of them, individually?  Do you appreciate when someone from your past tries to reconnect with you?  Don’t you realize that it’s because they thought of you when it applied to their life in a recent experience or that they took time out to let you in even when you weren’t there?  How powerful.  They chose to reach out and let you know that they care for you even though you may have influenced their frame of mind in a “selfish” experience.  Have you ever had a difficult situation where you looked back upon your past and relived how someone you knew dealt with a situation and then applied it to your own life?  If  so, did you at least make some sort of contact with that person if you were able?  You didn’t have to thank them for your decisive moment, but maybe you should try to connect with them in your own way since they already did for you.  Their way may have been subconscious or self-derived, but they peppered you with their own sense of being and you should be thankful especially when it applies and directs.  We are only human when we connect.  We are only aware of that when we acknowledge the effort of others.