Ecstatic Process

by annex50

The boundaries and perception of reality seem so flexible when you challenge all absurdity and rationality.  Is this because you are an outcast or is it because you subscribe so strongly to your own thinking?  What do you feel strongly about that is personal and resonates in your life?  Whatever that is, positive or negative, do you honestly pause and remove yourself from your frame of mind and put yourself in another’s thinking?  Let’s say,  you feel that you are ugly because you have misshapen ears.  You feel that everyone is going to notice and not take you seriously.  You look at yourself in the mirror everyday and confirm to yourself that this fallacy exists.  What will happen when you attempt to take on an interview or pursue someone that you are attracted to?  You will likely find yourself dwelling on this obsession and then skew your inner thinking to this modified pseudo-self-awareness.  What is reality now?  You’ve now started a race at an insurmountable position.

Have you ever come into contact with someone and realized that they had some physical flaw?  What did you do?  Did you sit there and think how stupid and nasty they were the entire time you interacted with them?  Your answer is your answer.  We all make fun of people at some point in our lives.  However, the likelihood is that you may notice an imperfection but then move on and take them for what they are.  I have been attracted to and dated many people with flaws.  Simultaneously, they were attracted to me even though I had flaws.  So, if this can happen, why do we put certain people and situations outside of our reach?  I think it is because we succomb to our insecurities and don’t take them on as we should.   Your brain is a reactor.  It listens, perceives, and acts based upon previous interactions and experiences.  Should you trust this brain and assume it is all-knowing?  Can’t you see that it really is this way?  It is unique because of what experiences it encounters.  The beauty of life is that you, yes YOU, not the brain thing, can create self-awareness.  It’s funny how some believe that the brain is the cause of this self-awareness, yet, some of those people will believe in the finite and the subscription to the same process of the lesser “animals”.   Further, science has taught us that the brain creates neural connections based upon what you utilize in infancy and creates an experience based upon that.  Well, ok then, why do you have the ability to challenge this?  Your brain, if it is like the rest of the organisms, should have it’s limits.

That’s the point, you see.  I see.  We are all part of one of the smallest organisms in the tiny universe.  Haven’t you ever speculated what dolphins, your cat, or the bacteria actually think and perceive of life?  No?  Are you better?  How do you know?  What if you really are that same miniscule, limited being as well?  Science?  How laughable in the grand scheme of things.  We already know there are planets we can’t reach in our solar system and galaxies that exist beyond our experimentation and yet think that we have some grasp of totality.  Ah, that’s it.  It’s not reality, it’s totality we really seek.  Totality includes all thoughts and experiences and wild imagination.  We even create it in our movies.  We view our world as such a finite place yet create such limitless beauty.  It is always reduced because it was created, therefore, just human.  Humanity must be limited and explained.  That is our way.  This goes back to the beginning of this passage, human scientist.  Do you really listen to yourself so strongly that you can’t even understand another human being’s perception?  How can you even begin to understand totality?  Totality should not be limited to science, religion or human experience.  It should be pursued endlessly because it is all that is.  It is everything.  It includes all that we can’t reach.  It is our creative pursuit.  Why reduce it at all?  Keep going.  Keep understanding.  Stop limiting!