Destroy It

by annex50

You bring words to my attention
And transmit caressing words to my ears.
My reception leads to questioning and hopeful
Transformation that must come forth but…
I can destroy it.

Your intentions slither me down a slippery slope
Of taste buds soliciting for more
Bitterness.  Sloth.  Your fight is thrusted
Upon me when I only aimed to discover.  Knowledge.
I can destroy

It because you leave me to grasp in the darkness
For anything solidly breakable.  Only emptiness encapsulates
My desperation that really led me to this
Place of continuous failure.  Reflection
I can

Destroy it and live without. You are what I
Need to find.  That spark that leads to a blind
Stumble.  Crash.  The floor casts a cold spell
On my face… the music infiltrates from obscurity.

Can destroy it or will I transcend beyond the concrete
Wall that beckons to be
Cracked?   It blocks the rhythm in the sound,
The fabric of my intention.  My transmission.
I can

Destroy it if I want to cast
My shadow to the part I play
In the show I put on.  Strings are attached
To the bone and it seems to placate all and that
I can destroy

It is my ebb and flow
That cannot stop, not because I intend
To be this way.  This person.  My soul is not
What I am and it is not your story.  Your fable, my awareness
Is that we both reach this impasse…
I can destroy it…

With words and I mean
No harm to you.  Your eyes are
Wayward.  Here.  There.  Guidance
Is sinister.  Here.  You found me because
You found our secret connection
And you have destroyed it.