by annex50

I want to cry my eyes out because of my weaknesses

How can  I escape that?

My undirected dreams.

Callous and piercing…

Peripheral but relevant…

My dad told me that he knew of the most haunted place conceived that resided in Holland.

Brian Bass taught me of resilience and multiplicity.

My grandmother played a role in my mind during her death sequence.

My mom encased prison bars around her.

She initiated my grandmother’s path in my translucent phase

by waking up in sequence.

Death has hit me directly in regard to my father.

I am not omfortable with that.

I have tried to enliven a dance faltered and subsequently persecuted.

Speciality has become original and relevant all at once.

Conquest has seemed easier when unimportant and peripheral.

My point is eloquent, transient, and vanquished.

Cause is what Jesus cared about.

Humans are what humans discovered.

Foundation has looked beneath.

Core has spoken of destruction.

Sonar has initiated as beauty and transformation

in the eye of perception

as death, because all must filter

through a siphon of judgment;

transduction consumed as desperation.

Suckling on the mandatory fluid of





Viewer fused with object.

Fusion catapulted in reverse.

Synthesis given a false start.