Life leads only to the pursuit of survival and/or power.

by annex50

The only real translation money has is survival and/or power. You either seek money to pay the bills or seek to generate more and more of it until your gluttonous ass explodes. Power also is influence. So, is life about money? I can hear the artists scream a resounding “no.” However, to pursue art as a fulfilling passion, one must succumb to some financial endeavor to make ends meet or use art as a tool to facilitate influence, or power, or both. Why is art considered a force antipodal to money? The essence of art is one of ideation, construction, presentation, absorption, and reaction. Not unlike a business, art has a root that aims, in the end, to create as many branches as possible. Isn’t that what survival is? Generations of new seeds created, is that not power?

Art is not anything without external discovery. Nothing is really anything when not considered by others. Definition does not aim to be subjective but must be, on some level, at it’s inception. Yet, it is expandable and relied upon.  Power and survival derive from this point.

Many believe that life is about love. How does love escape survival and power? Without it, we could not extend as a species. Love has been used often as a means to create influence over others. Why do people burn for love? Exchange the word “love” for “hate” in the sentences above and what changes? Without hate, we could not become a more evolved species. Ingenuity spawns power. Power conquers the weak. Love is hate. God is Satan. Ideologies intertwined for survival. Power that energizes an endless stalemate of survival. Ah, what about energy? Energy is defined as any source of usable power.
Perhaps, the riddle is WITHIN emotion. What is this subjective force that stems from an idea, is constructed mentally, presented physiologically, absorbed in the brain, and reacted to from all included parties? Emotion can be triggered by any action or thought. But, what has led to these actions or thoughts? Emotions. They are considered universal but cannot be measured. Love and hate are initiated by many forces but their resulting feeling is not something that words or thoughts can ever express. Yet, it can be studied, generalized, and scrutinized. Is life merely an emotion? An emotional state in constant ebb and flow?