Life at 18 Part I

by annex50

I found some old files on my hard drive and these are some of the things I said when I was 18…

Reference to pro sports teams in Tampa when I was writing a paper in 1998:

“Since there are no Tarpon Springs professional sports teams, the inhabitants of this area have to settle with the Tampa Bay teams. Until recently, these teams were objects of ridicule, but thanks to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers recent playoff appearance, the Tampa teams have earned some respect among sports fans. In the Tampa Bay area there is a significant number of sporting events that do take place. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are the city’s NFL team. In August of 1998, the Tampa Bay area will have a new stadium completed. The old stadium, Hooliihan’s Stadium, has hosted two Super Bowls. With this new stadium, there will be more Super Bowls being played in Tampa. For hockey fans, the Tampa Bay Lightning is the team. The Lightning’s sports apparel is one of the top sellers in the market. If only their record would reflect that. The Tampa Bay Devil Rays are the baseball team. They start their first season in spring of 1998.”

From my first web home page:

Job title

A fast food worker at Taco Bell. Hey, every genius has to start at the bottom.

Key responsibilities

Taco Bell ——–> Making food and waiting on assholes like yourself who give me a hard time everyday. You self-centered people don’t understand that my day has been just as stressful as yours and even worse because I have to deal with you.
Current Projects

Human relations

Learning to accept people for who they are.

Ego management

Trying to maintain on everyone’s level without feeling superior.

Personal Interests

Like to watch and play football and basketball and gloating as I look down at all the other pathetic inhabitants of this planet.