Life at 18 Part III

by annex50

My poem for Taco Bell:

Taco Bell

Divine Intervention brought them here.
They were never impressed with the golden arches.
They never sought the best,
Instead they ambitiously wanted to destroy the tyrannical ruler.

They wear their red, green, and blue colors proudly,
Their pride is expressed through their smiles.
Their lips produce sincere wishes to the masses that seek to degrade them.

They work hard,
They serve their master well.
They laugh at his boyish humor and agree with his mature business sensibility.
They know that his boasts about his territory and the accomplishments he wishes to accept as his own are merely fabrications of the real truth.

What is the real truth?
They know what the real truth is.
They have to live through it everyday.
Pride is non-existent,
Sincerity is only seen through the eyes of the ignorant.

They only passed up the golden arches because they are actually yellow.
They don’t work hard,
They don’t serve their master well.
They seek to exceed the boundaries set before them.