Life at 18 Part V

by annex50

This is a dream I described having. The first half is a little tiresome but the end is interesting, at least to me.

It starts out when I am riding my bike in Gainesville pretty far away from my house when it starts to rain. I go inside this Toys R Us store to seek shelter from the rain. Then I notice a small tornado inside the store coming towards me. I look inside the store and all that is left is concrete and pieces of metal. I hurry to get outside and now there is a huge tornado outside the store coming towards me. I abandon my bike and hurry to kneel down by a curb since the wind is becoming too strong and pulling me in. I then get up and start running across a street just barely getting out of the way of an oncoming car. Now I enter an area where there is a lot of smoke which scares me because it resembles the tornadoes so I think they are still coming. I then notice people down below me doing some religious rituals and they are creating some of the smoke using fire in their ritual. I am now on a mountain of rocks sort of like boulders. I look around still surrounded by smoke. I look down and see that there is a huge platform where the smoke is being transformed to look like a beautiful woman. Then I realize I am in Disney World and it is during some time of Celebration, it seems like the 4th of July. Fireworks start going off and everyone is having fun on the rides. I seem to be the only one who is disturbed having just escaped from two tornadoes. Then I notice a ride that is like the one where there are a bunch of swings that go around in circles and raise high in the air. I jumped down onto the ride where I find myself on swing between my dad and Stella also Christina is in the swing ahead of Stella. I tell Stella of my near death experience from the tornadoes and she laughs and says she doesn’t care. So, out of rage, I grab her hair, pull some of it out and she later on falls off the swing but I get no impression that she suffered from the fall or died. My dad then becomes pissed at me for doing this to Stella and doesn’t give a damn about me and the damn tornadoes. I tell him that I want to go back home and that he can stop paying for my damn college. Also, during these events with my parents, there are 7 to 8 helicopters with their spotlights on in search of something. These words by me in the dream brought about the feeling that this would be the last time we would be seeing each other. Finally, he says, “Well, I am so nice that I will still give you your plane ticket home.” I have my mouth opened at this point and my dad out of rage for some reason goes to shove his hand in my mouth and I bite off his finger. He says, “ah, who needs a finger anyway.” That’s how it ends and it leaves me with a very cold feeling toward my parents and leaves me with a feeling of loneliness that no one gave a damn what happened to me.
The End