Transfused dissolution.

by annex50

I guess I have learned that I should just let opinions be what they will be. I should not let self-created, future forces resist what I want to exude. Not that opinions would necessarily oppose me. You know what opposes me? My keyboard that doesn’t reliably stroke; my brain that falters regardless of substance intake; my directed words that subsequently are labeled as misguided abstractness.

I guess my life half-pipes on the abstract. For instance, I often express myself when my chosen music takes me to an uninvestigated place. I don’t really care to tear anyone down for the sake of it. If I do so, it is to further myself either by understanding or capitalizing. Am I a self-indulgent, -deprecating entity that seeks to absolve every action I leave to chance? When labeled, I offer an obvious counter; the one fallacy that we both leave behind when aiming to behead the other in an argumentative offering. Take it or not, it is shrouded in exaltation. It is a sun that propels shrinkage like a vibrant grape death-marching toward a scarlet box.

Uniqueness but solidarity painting fervently on a tainted canvass~scend.A_.de_.? .