Headline: Disregard

by annex50

I didn’t want to write another likely-to-be-labeled negative post but it came to my mind.  Don’t worry, fellow reader(s), it doesn’t involve you (specifically:  happy face).  Also, my hypocrisy should be abundantly clear but only because I decided to share my thoughts in a public platform.  I applied to 20 jobs today.  All of them online, (of course)!  I find that it is difficult to separate myself from the pack even though I am qualified.  It is true that if you have an ability to market yourself then you have an initial advantage over all others.  I have a structured, well-designed resume, but I may be a victim of my previous decisions and chosen email titles.  I have been a manager multiple times and know very well the process of a candidate search.  It involves a need for a position, personal time to dedicate to a search, and personally preferred buzz words.  If a qualified (and potentially outstanding) candidate does not have a resume that contains my preferred buzz words; they are ignored.  Is this a fault of the manager or the applicant?

(I warn that tangents may exist beyond this point.)

I worked at Bennigan’s as a manager for nearly 3 years.  It no longer exists as a corporation.  Many lost their jobs unexpectedly and had to search for an immediate replacement occupation that was likely not to surpass their previous financial and leadership expectations.  I could have been in that same category, but I CHOSE to leave that corporation.  I did because I felt that I was overlooked with respect to a promotion and unnecessarily chastised even though I possessed the education, experience, and compassion necessary (and beyond) to fulfill the corporate guidelines.

(Warning is now Imminent.)

There seems to be an understandable divide between those who believe in fate and choice.  If one believes that everything happens for a reason, then an unexpected event is met with faith.  If one believes that life is controlled by personal choice, then an unexpected event should be avoided as much as possible.  If an unexpected event occurs to one that believes in choice (or self-directed identity), they will have to look within themselves to identify and learn from the mistake they made.  Extending forward, that individual must now CHOOSE to replicate a previous path or pursue a new one.  The problem with this scenario is that, said person, is likely to feel that change is necessary but merely because a new outcome is sought.  However, that future outcome could further hinder individual goals and perspective.

Faith seems to avoid such a dilemma.  If an unexpected outcome occurs to a person of faith, they will be faced with a temporary emotional experience.  A cognitive decision is not immediately necessary.  An individual who believes in a fluffy cloud will figure to bounce to a new height as long as the expectation of advancement rules the mind.  If a person of faith loses this identity, they will fall precipitously.  If control is not controlled and negative emotion engulfs, one cannot choose to escape it.  It is a destiny toward Evil.  When control is grappled, prayer seems to be the only salvation, and it depends upon a hope to attract a spring that grasps at joyful raindrops.

No one has a choice but to make a choice.  A choice can choose to submit.  As an (example), YOU can choose to jubilantly plunge down a constructed water slide that engulfs the masses, or  YOU can choose to turn around and descend the very steps you ascended to reach such a dichotomy.  The path that is best may not present itself within this expected human, innate ability.  To those that choose to live in submission, all choice is deferred to an OUTER Entity.  However, those that aim to facilitate further existence without the Outer’s guidelines choose to exist within their own mental construction.  Therefore, One chooses Self-identity.

Lived supercedes Devil.  {Past learns from presence}  Replication finds it’s intention.  Steps advance without gravity.  Plots meet paths of choice.  Future falls and flies.  Constructs deconstruct.  Present Failure.  Future return.