When I

by annex50

created my “suicide” image-edit, I had the Sky Way (nothing is on purpose) Bridge in mind.  I was aware of the bottle that signified alcohol and pill-drops of falter and death.  Truth or dare, every time I crossed that bridge on my way to school, I allowed it to penetrate my mind.  What it could do given my circumstance; what I could do given my circumstance…  No matter.

My choice was not by choice.  Well, at least not by choice.  Fascination or not, I victimized myself because I presdisposed my reel.  I knew what I was to face, yet I did not know how to react.  Frame-by-frame, my life flashed and tripped on itself.  In a chair, the reel became real.  My decision dreamed for a requiem.  My funeral disintegrated.  Holy peace by pieces.  Swept into disarray.  Chaos siphoned in a digestive tract-or-trail-or on a jourNey. Jerk. Re- Action or-Flex.  Duality.  Few_Shun,  To ward faith. But rinse stem from root.  Connection.

Matter is what matters.  Definition is slow.  Rapid questions Punctuation.  Tab Lets Symbols Rule.  You let me.