Initial Personal Statement of Purpose Draft

by annex50

{I know that this essay gets weaker toward the end and has many flaws but my main purpose was to distinguish myself (not in a bad way), explain my intentions, tell my story, exemplify what I might study in the future, and showcase a theme of struggle and victory and how the current time chimes in.  I may have totally failed in what this letter is supposed to represent but I have put this off for so long and needed to force some draft out.  I also found it convenient and applicable that I wrote this on the night of December 3rd which is when my mom passed.  I really could never omit her when telling someone of my personal history.  If you have an opinion, no matter how small it may seem, please comment because I really want to get accepted into grad school.}

December 3,1987 is when my developmental progression hit an embattled and subsequent impenetrable wall.  This date prescribed a stumbling hurdle toward self-identification.  It was presented as concrete yet rooted in emotion.  Stems ignited from a flowing fountain held down by the very soil that gave it a chance.  This is my mother’s legacy.  This is who I am.  I cannot present a new chapter without acknowledging the conflict that demanded my life to turn the page.  My mother passed away at the age of 34.  However, age is a construct that should be measured by passion and empathy.  Passion thrusts an individual into an escape from a mundane reality.  My mom, Linda is her name, found her soul within her horses.  Leave it to Crocka is what she named her most prized horse, or Lea for the watchers.

Watching is what we do when we are not active.  As a child, you are often left without a choice.  Tragedy throws a strike and you must swing wildly if you are to learn to reflect.  I chose to live my father’s dream when I left my childhood home and decided to pursue an engineering degree at the University of Florida.  This pursuit became my adversary, and I quickly cornered myself without support.  I embraced my freedom at the expense of academic scholarship.  Staring at a 1.7 GPA without a financial buffer, I decided to drop out of school and pursue my entrepreneurial aspirations.  I created several Internet websites that sold products and produced interactive content.  This brought financial success, and I purchased a sports car and other material possessions, but I found that I wanted something more personal and meaningful.  I decided to return to the University of Florida to finish what I started but modified it to fit what I was more interested in.  I chose to direct my path toward the degree of Decision and Information Sciences.  I completed a return to respectability and a 3.2 GPA.

Confidence in my perceptive and analytic ability could not overcome my inexperience and misguided approach toward professional initiation as I failed to find a job within my field of study.  I did find an opportunity to become a General Manager for Quiznos Sub.  This taught me how to overcome financial hardship and improve employee cohesion.  However, I was unsatisfied because I was consumed by monetary advancement.  This was not what I wanted as my focal point even though I had been lauded as having a keen business sense.  I wanted to apply my mind in congruence with human understanding and advancement.  This is the reason I decided to pursue Industrial/Organizational Psychology.  I wanted to implement my business experience and success with my passion for human advancement.

Choosing to return to school at the University of South Florida required a termination of a romantic relationship and a release from corporate advancement.  This was not a decision taken lightly.  I took a stance of refusal to live complacently.  Cheese may lure a mouse to a trap, but I am choosing not to allow money to rule my mentality.  I have a choice without consent and it has and always will be to understand.  I want to discover and relate to others what makes us make a choice and how that decision resonates within our concept of self.  To gain experience in this pursuit, I joined Dr. Eric Storch’s team from the University of South Florida at the Rothman Center to gain research experience.  I aided in the assessment and study of obsessive-compulsive spectrum disorders.  I am currently involved in a geriatric OCD study and have initiated a study with regard to dermatologists’ assessment of body dysmorphic disorder when presented with a request for cosmetic surgery.

We are what our mind can create.  Much can be discovered, and I will articulate it within three projected studies: 1) Career motivation can be defined as a construct related to comparative balance among a self-perceived elite within one’s inner circle: An individual wants to achieve success.  Success is best defined by measuring oneself against self-perceived friends’ and social peers’ accomplishments based on dictated emotional pars.  It is hypothesized that an individual can ascribe personal success by prescribing an emotional ceiling based on received feedback.  2) Employee selection is highly correlated with one’s selection criteria of friendship.  It is hypothesized that the values of trust and loyalty correlate strongly with the criteria of employee selection.  3) Employee promotion is comparative to assigning responsibility and relinquishing personal possession(s) to those labeled as friends.  It is hypothesized that employee promotion is highly correlated with an individual’s preferential top-tier traits of a labeled best friend.

The date of this forward motion resides in 2009 and extends without limit.  The clock advances at every tick and differentiates at every tock.  Attempting to facilitate knowledge results in a new letter of continuation.  Defining a construct is to tell someone something they never realized existed.  Finding Earth-like planets that support life and to tangibly showcase the paranormal may be a desirable goal for some, but I aim to help direct the human workforce toward discovery of the limitless neural pathways that already are buried without ceremony.