I can’t sell me

by annex50

On Friday night, I was unready to drive home.  I knew I couldn’t go to the next bar and drink, and I was sick as well.  So, I went back to my rental car and decided to rest.  Unable to settle down, I decided to make use of my time and inserted a CD my aunt made for me, which was my 2nd birthday celebration that was recorded on cassette tape in 1981.  She gave it to me this past Christmas.  It was a thoughtful gift.  I did not know when I would listen to it but, honestly, any time was a good time.  I was not overly coherent when I listened to it, but I remember hearing my grandma, mom, and dad talking throughout the cd.  Specifically, I remember my dad continuously calling my name to get my attention.  His high inflection in his voice illustrated excitement and interest.  This was not a voice I remember experiencing.  I am thankful for my aunt’s effort as I am for my grandma’s effort in organizing old photos to remind me of memories long forgotten.  I know now that my intuition that I conveyed to others now had some tangible merit.  I am me just because; I am my filtered eardrums; I am my creative stroke.  I am just screaming.  Listen and respond!