Wow, haha!

by annex50

Well, hey.  I don’t like going to clubs/bars and drinking, for the most part, mostly because it makes me feel like crap later.   However, I had a good time last night, not because of who I was hanging out with but with what transpired in the environment.  I would compare it to when Kris and I would go to Ybor City.  We would challenge each other to dance in the spotlight and, of course, to find girls.  Anyway, I decided to go to the Green Iguana in Brandon last night, which I have done before.  The usual happened at first in that I got a drink with a ‘friend’ ( my roommate’s friend whom he neglected at my dwelling), and took in the environment.  I pushed for him to go out onto the dance floor first, mostly because that is what I wanted and because I knew that he thought he could get any girl he wanted.  He refused because he wanted to finish his drink.  I did too but whatever.  So, I continued with mine.  As I took my second gulp, he said to me, let’s go out on the dance floor.  Now, I wasn’t ready, but I accepted anyway.  We went out onto the dance floor and danced in our own bubble to some crappy 50-cent song and he eventually attracted some blond girl about 45 years old.  They danced once, then separated and then reconnected a second time.  During this process, I was next to another girl who kept eyeing me but I remembered a guy that sat at her booth she was in front of, and figured they were a couple or whatever.  They were.

Anyway, I became frustrated and figured that this was just like every other night.  I’m just a guy with nothing going on.  My wildest dream could not meet the fabricated fantasy that these wood floors were expected to spawn.  So, after watching my new friend find his expected conquest, I decided to go out on the patio and experience the 30 degree frigidness alone.  Well, maybe not.  I called my friend, Kris back as I had earlier but this time we talked.  I was likely not too coherent but I tried to remind him of our times in Ybor City back in the old days.  We thrived on challenging each other.  Sure, it was for girls but it was also for experience.  I tried to explain these things to him and how I was still disappointed and all, and then, some Asian girl came outside and asked if I wanted a cigarette.  I didn’t oblige because I was sick and hadn’t smoked in a while but she still stayed close.  She asked again while forcing her hand toward my mouth with the cigarette and I took a puff.   It was fine and I figured it was going to end at that but then she did the same thing twice more.  I decided to hang up with Kris because of my conflicted attention,  and we talked for a while and she introduced me to her three friends inside.  One just turned 21 which is why they were there, one was a short girl who had a boyfriend and did not interact much and the other was the DD.  She was the self-professed bitch.  We ended up talking a lot throughout the night and she told me I was nice but still was a bitch throughout the night too.  I still don’t know where we stand.  Anyway…