American Idol – Favorites and Predictions

by annex50

My Favorites                                
1. Siobhan Magnus                     
2. Crystal Bowersox                   
3. Didi Benami                                
4. Aaron Kelly                              
5. Casey James                            
6. Michael Lynche                     
7. Tim Urban                              
8. Lee Dewyze                                
9. Andrew Garcia                      
10. Katie Stevens                     
11. Paige Miles                              

My Predictions (in order of vote-out)
11. Andrew Garcia
10. Paige Miles
9. Katie Stevens
8. Didi Benami
7. Lee Dewyze
6. Tim Urban
5. Aaron Kelly
4. Michael Lynche
3. Casey James
2. Siobhan Magnus
1. Crystal Bowersox (winner)

I would not be surprised to see Casey make the Finals.  Siobhan has that Adam Lambert factor which will prevent her from winning.  Plus, she may irritate some and leave a bit earlier than I have predicted.  I think Aaron is a darkhorse contestant and could crack the top 3.  Tim Urban will stay longer than he should.  Didi is underrated but will have to start nailing her performances to have any shot of making the top 6. 

Fitzgerald – out.