The center cannot crash the cycle.

by annex50

A friend can say something that can strike in such a way that can validate your life experience.  Sometimes, we look back on things in our lives so much that the event(s) we think about start to numb a bit.  We almost go back to them in our mind to remind ourselves that we actually can straddle the orbit of emotion, or so we think.  It’s nice when an emotional string can be strummed without a soundcheck.  The unexpected tear resonates the ignored inner scream.  Metaphors are for the grasshoppers.

Life, as it is explained, is fated with death.  The contest begins when one questions the governance of this link.  Extremities on a circle are still connected.  One cannot be without the other but neither is an endpoint.  If the circle is not your preference, how do you live a life when your experience constantly fades behind you?  Can you live without it? 

Yes, the circle is not how it really is.  We live beyond such a 2-d representation.  It’s merely a resistance that accepts balance.  Understanding is a way to connect, not a way to be.  The search must be perpetuated because there is no answer; there is only a constant chime that empowers choice with consequences that jump as far one way or the other but that beckon to crash back to a new but familiar pathway.  It’s a path that beckons a resistance again.  To look up or down; to take the ride or to jump.