Survivor – Russell the Great-est Show Ever!

by annex50

I love this show.  This is a thinking person’s game.  I am just going to share this video because it is the greatest tribal council vote-off ever.  Basically, there are 6 people in one alliance and 3 people in another alliance.  Not good odds for the three.  However, one of the people in the 3-person alliance, Russell, has a hidden immunity idol so he has a choice to play it to save himself or he can give it to an ally.  The alliance of six have a foolproof strategy of voting three to Russell and three to his ally Parvati.  So, if the idol is played, that would create a 3-3-3 tie since the big alliance splits their vote among two people and the small aliance picks a person to vote against. At that point, the person who plays the idol is safe and we are left with a 3-3 tie amongst two people.  At that point, a revote is cast between those two people.  Obviously then, the big alliance would cast 6 votes against the one who didn’t play the idol and the small alliance would cast three votes against whomever they choose; a losing battle.  However, that’s not the way it goes; it’s chicanery!  I love this game!  Please watch!  🙂  PRICELESS LINE AT 6:10 OF THE VIDEO IF THAT IS ANY CATALYST!

 Viva la Russell for putting his ass on the line by giving up the idol and manipulating Tyson to vote for Parvati and screw himself.