Trades – 2010 NFL Draft

by annex50

Jimmy Clausen should be plucked by the #7 pick.  Both the Oakland Raiders and Buffalo Bills will be expected to take him at 8 and 9 so it should not be a surprise if the Browns take him at 7 or if they trade the pick to the Steelers, Bills, or Broncos.

Dez Bryant is one of the best receivers to come out of the draft since Calvin Johnson and Randy Moss.  This is the Warren Sapp of the draft.  If a team has a need for a WR in the first round and fails to select this player, they better have a damn good reason.  The Jacksonville Jaguars would be very fortunate to have such a caliber player on their team.  This could help keep the team in town.  However, they’ve stated that Bryant is off of their draft board.  How interesting that the team that selects after them is the Marshall-less Denver Broncos.  Hmmm, how about a trade?  Maybe Seattle, Tampa Bay, or Tennessee?

Suspended for six games.  This means that the Steelers can no longer expect a top-10 draft choice or double first round choices for Ben Roethlisberger.  Well, thankfully the San Francisco 49ers and Oakland Raiders will be interested.  Here is the problem…  both initial first round draft chioces from these teams would be great but what qb will be available?  Maybe, MAYBE,  Jimmy Clausen.  Clausen WILL be the biggest bust since Ryan Leaf unless he goes to Buffalo.  In that case, I will demonstrate blind faith in miracles.  So, if the Steelers make this deal, they either need to combine their two first rounders to get Bradford or find a way to pluck McCoy or Tebow in the late first or early second round.  This will be tough.  If they make a trade and cannot draft the above players then they must make a trade for a young unproven talent like Troy Smith, Jim Sorgi, Kellen Clemens, or Tarvaris Jackson.  They will not be able to draft Jake Locker in 2011 b/c he will be the #1 overall draft choice.  The best quarterback to take the field in the near future will undoubtedly be John Brantley in 2012 and you can’t plan that far ahead.  So, if Byron Leftwich or Dennis Dixon is the guy, as decided by the team brass, then CJ Spiller or Dez Bryant UNQUESTIONABLY will be selected with one of the choices.

Either Tim Tebow or Colt McCoy will be traded at the end of the first round by a team to be revealed in a few hours.  You will have to stay tuned to find out.  There will be a team that overpays to grab a quarterback at the end of round one.  The Bills did it recently to pluck JP Losman.  That did not work out so well.  I will bet a lot to anyone that the qb taken at the end of round one will be a consistent starter. I bet further, without the dollar bills, that this qb will be close to, if not, a Hall of Fame-caliber QB.  Thankfully, he will find a home in the AFC and not in the AFC East.  Have fun, Steelers…