by annex50

<My Resume> To apply my professional and research knowledge and experience toward the study of Industrial-Organizational Psychology with emphasis on career motivation, employee selection, and the effect of employee personality and behavior on job performance. </My resume>

I am becoming more and more passionate about employee selection.  If I had any goal within I/O Psychology, it would be to fundamentally change the connection between business and personal ideology.  The connection should be rooted.  By rooted, I mean that business should not change the nature of man.  It aims to unnerve the brain and to penetrate its soft core.  The brainstem is meant for survival.  It’s soft in that if it shatters, the human experience and subsequent ‘spirit’ ceases.  The mind has been designed perfectly.  So, perfectly that it seeks pleasure to a fault and seeks validation constantly.  That becomes a problem when another brain finds pleasure in controlling other brains.  This is what business has become.  It’s a battle to satisfy the brain.  To slither through its ancillaries and penetrate the core.

Some might say that religion and science do the same.  What is the difference really?  What is better?  Trusting the nuance of language, the siphoning of physicality, or the promised opportunity of production?  What have you reduced yourself to?  What does better mean?  Well, now that just depends on what you derive pleasure from.  What story do you like?  Does this mean that there is a story at all?  Well, tell it to me if you’d like.  What if I listen, perhaps agree on some things, and still do not care?  What place do I have?  Am I religious or atheist?  What if I am agnostic?  Does that free me from responsibility? 

I am agnostic.  I am a scientist.  I respect religion.  I believe in love.  I like that faith is forgotten and abused all at once.  The force that is underrepresented is without your attention.  Your life is for you and is a shared enterprise.  Anyone, and I mean ANYONE, can intervene in YOUR life when they want to.  There is no work experience, education, or life accomplishment requirement necessary.  Everyone has a free pass.  What you do with this mass access is your choice.  However, it doesn’t mean that you can tell me something that I will listen to.   It also doesn’t mean that you have to do what I say either.  Freedom thrives within one root and it is open. 

To reconnect the subject with my initial statement, I believe that your judgment should be faced with equal opposition.  You cannot tell me that I am under or overqualified, not available enough, and not test-savvy enough to do what you are merely inquiring about.  I can do anything.  If you want to prove something to me, give me something that relates to the experience that you are protecting.  Don’t give me test questions based on average statistics.  Don’t be scared to take a chance on me because your superiors are too conservative.  Don’t set a box on the floor just to see if I can dig into it and smile.  If I need to crawl, why do you care how I dress? 

The brain will never find pleasure this way unless someone who aims to control it says that everything is OK.  Right?  Wrong.