What a shame to prey

by annex50

Is it fair for a 6th grader to get a 3-day suspension for kissing another student?  On top of that, is it teaching this kid a lesson when they also have to endure extreme, parental ridicule?  When is it ok for a girl to kiss a guy?  It is so righteous and selfish when a parent chastises their child for something that is seemingly natural and/or a situation they experienced when they were the same age.  And to think that such an experience is then used to fuel the true voice that the parent lacked all along.  That guiding voice.  That voice that now says that they must accompany their child on all future ventures because they can no longer value the supposed trusting bond that never existed anyway.  That voice that now blames the TV and the books for influencing this behavior (which the parent had been allowing all along).  What is this voice?   Is this a voice of protection?  Perhaps, a voice of reflection highlighting not only the mistakes of the child but that of the parent.  Who really should be punished?

“I can no longer trust you!”

“What else are you hiding?”

Are other girls your age doing this?

Your mom grounded you from X for a week, how about I take it away for a year?

I expect you to get straight A’s!

~~ What the hell are we doing?~~