Part 1 “one.” Hey, it’s a part of my story while I’m willing to type it.

by annex50

So maybe

I only care about my life experience?

Maybe this is why I don’t really care?

Maybe this is why I don’t adopt your position?

Perhaps, this was your reasoning too?

I say this.

I never liked
being –
made fun of,
or being a nerd.

I have on VHS when I attended my now-deceased mother’s horse show.
One of the first questions asked of me by the cameraman
was about Super Mario Bros.  I admitted my high score and was
a tad bashful but subsequently proud.  The girl that appeared in
the video a tad later was asked what she thought I had been talking about
and she guessed correct by saying “Mario.”

I then began to explain and brag about my
high score;
which really was more than just that game with that girl.
That same girl that assumed she knew me was the same one
that I played a strange form of
“You show me yours” with in a
“run across the barn and lift something”
sort of way.

We had our boring sort of
our interesting sort of
type of
connection that was

I guess this just begins where I started to formulate my ideas about life.

What’s next is part 2!