Fantasy Mock Draft 2010

by annex50

My first mock fantasy draft was interesting. I will post the first 10 picks I made since I autopicked the rest.

#04: Ray Rice
#17: Shonn Greene
#24: Roddy White
#37: Jamaal Charles
#44: Matt Schaub
#57: Dwayne Bowe
#64: Jason Witten
#77: Pierre Garcon
#84: Matt Ryan
#97: Nate Burleson

I would have been excited about my QB, RB, and TE situation and mildly ok with WR. If it isn’t a tad obvious, my gut feeling is telling me that the Atlanta Falcons are going to have a huge year. I normally stay away from Roddy White but this should be his year to shine. Matt Ryan should greatly improve in his third year and the Falcons are still fairly loaded on offense. I expect Matt Ryan, Roddy White, Michael Turner, and Tony Gonzalez all to have top-10 years at their respective positions. They just need to avoid the injury bug.

RB and WR are tough to pick again this year. It always seems this way going into a new season. I feel like there are many comparable quarterbacks so there is not as much urgency this year to take one early. Brees will go in the first round in most drafts and that is tough to justify. If your pick is at #6 or beyond, good luck with that. The top-5 are pretty much Chris Johnson, Adrian Peterson, Maurice Jones-Drew, Ray Rice and Andre Johnson. Someone took Drew Brees at #3 in my draft and I still chose Rice over Jones-Drew. Brees is the new Peyton Manning in fantasy drafts and, to me, not worth the price.

So far, my overrated based on current projections:
#4: Frank Gore
#10: Randy Moss
#11: Rashard Mendenhall
#12: Cedric Benson
#15/17 (DeAngelo Williams/Jonathan Stewart) someone has to win this battle!
#21: Ryan Matthews (rookie, WAY too high)
#48 Mike Sims-Walker

#38 Beanie Wells
#46 Ronnie Brown
#47 LeSean McCoy
#75 Pierre Garcon
#96 Darren McFadden
#97 Jahvid Best
#109 Cadillac Williams
#128 Matt Ryan