Your translation, please?

by annex50

When you choose to share something with your close friends, it should be a given that they, at least, be on notice. I try to comprehend this whole blog process and come up empty- and shallow-handed. It’s as if it becomes a game that must entertain and extend to individuals beyond our current scope. We must not only say something but do it in a way that sells. That is, if we want comments. Why can’t we simply want comments from those we care most about? Facebook seems to have a place here. A place where we might be able to say something that can be responded to by our closest friends. Yet, you cannot say something too poetic or seemingly personal without direct cause here. Why? This is an atmosphere where you are expected to pick it up, read the headlines, respond hastily, and discard.

If you feel that you present art or deep-rooted thought(s) that must be shared, then you should seek those that SEEK such purges and are subsequently willing to interpret it and present it back to you in a new way. However, it seems that you must sell yourself a bit too to find these people. Why is that? Many times, these artists that are sought are against such establishment. Facebook sells. Art is an expression of self. Layered is this cake but backward. The self or “bread” is often searched for and, when dug deeply, sells at a premium but it’s the icing that has value here. Those, at the shallow end looking for treasure, clang their coins with a scream and those looking internally ring the bell at the central square without invitation. Ah, it just seems like a silly game.

Seek for your “self” and seek “your” death. You cannot live with confidence without others. Influence carries a duality. It is attributed based on experience. You are influenced “positively” when others perceive that you have gained a peg or two on your life meter. It may be a car, computer, wife, kids… It may be all of those things in the reverse but let’s make a different list that includes alcohol, drugs, abusive authority, and loneliness. Strengths and weaknesses are filtered. They are determined by your brain. Your brain has many choices. It gravitates to a feeling and constantly attempts to understand. It’s the feeling that is so complicated; the justification that is weak. I guess that this lesson is that your feelings are much less determined than you think. They come and go. You justify their reason. You are a figment of your brain. It is merely a translator. Find a meaning that lasts without words, friends, and emotional extremities like love. Find a way and let it spawn again. Creation is your experimentation.