(500) Days of Summer

by annex50

My grade: B+
Rotten Tomatoes: 87%

My quick blurb:

This is a quirky non-linear movie that starts off a little slow but really picks up after the first 20 minutes. I actually stopped watching it after 20 minutes because the movie seemed to be trying too hard to be interesting. However, I completely reversed my feeling on the movie as the characters began to reveal themselves more. This movie is definitely worth a view. I also enjoyed the bit with the split screen with expectations on one side and reality on the other as the main character, Tom, went to visit his sought-after girl, Summer.

The movie centers around their on-and-off relationship and delves into questions regarding fate and destiny, pursuit and passion of love and work, and overall seems to suggest patience as quite a virtue. Just because your life isn’t falling perfectly into place while it seems to be for others doesn’t mean that you are suddenly a failure or should give up on your ideals.

'500 Days of Summer' Expectations vs. Reality @ Yahoo! Video