Who would I be or can I be at my maximum?

by annex50

1) Electronic Music Artist – I am a DJ playing Trance-style electronic music. Playing at clubs or other smaller venues. I have many successful albums. I also sing but not TOO much. My voice gets tired and I’d not rather be known for having an angelic voice. I like to express my thoughts and feelings about the world I know through a journey of sound, voice, and lyrics. Though most of my fans drink or do other mind-altering activities when they see me in concert, I vibe to their energy.

What do I do with my spare time? I travel, spend time with my family, explore new cultures and try to give back as much as I can.

2) Movie Director – I only cast actors that can add to the story I want to tell. They get the script. They act their role. They are asked a question. What is their character missing? Their answer adds the personal touch every great role needs.

Stories don’t need to be retold. They need to be torn apart. Pieces should be scattered about and endings should not follow a linear path. The only thing linear about our lives is that someone or something seems to be counting out loud until we die. Shit doesn’t always make sense and a good movie should convey this. This doesn’t mean that it must be devoid of imagination or fantasy. It is our mind that pushes monotonous experience off the ledge only to have it bounce back unexpectedly whether we want it to or not.

I make millions. In Europe.

3) Counselor or Non-Denominational Spiritual Advisor – I give two titles because I don’t like to follow the scientific protocol. At least, not all the time. I don’t instill my beliefs on others but like to dig into my patients to help them utilize their own inner thought structure to find solutions to their problems. Does this mean that medication, cognitive-behavioral therapy, or religious guidance are off the table? No. Whatever device is most useful for my patients is what I try to utilize. Cognitive therapy tries this similar concept but time is not spent well enough to really get to know the patient. Charging by the hour and limiting sessions to that one hour adds unnecessary pressure and does not allow enough time to form a lasting connection. In this world, it seems as if we spend the first 15 minutes getting reacquainted instead of really building on what we can discover.

I’ve published books. I’ve attended and presented at many seminars. I’ve been called a pseudoscientist and a quack with a few screws loose. But, my resolve remains with my patients.

4) NFL Quarterback – In high school, I was more popular than I ever thought I could be. It’s amazing what a little devoted exercise and film study will do. I was a very accurate passer in high school. Not much of a runner but, when I did, those little cornerbacks paid the price!

I never really soaked up the fame like I should have in college. I was serious. Football consumed me. Breaking down tape day-by-day. Becoming the best is all I cared about. 1 national championship and a couple of bowl games got me drafted by the Buffalo Bills in the 2nd round.

I was initially a little scared because it seemed like my dreams came true. It’s weird living in a world where everything you hoped for becomes a reality. I was happy, sure. But, now what? Now, I had to become a great quarterback and resurrect a city full of devoted fans who were part of a greater story than I could have ever imagined. It was time to carry the burden of this city on my shoulders. That, I have tried my best to do.

In my fifth season in the league, we have made the playoffs just once. The defense just hasn’t had my back, you know? Well, thankfully this is in confidence. Just don’t tell defensive back, Donte Whitner, what I said. I heard he’s friends with OJ Simpson. Anyway, this is our year! Nevermind, the fact that the Bills took that Hollywood hotshot quarterback from USC in the first round. It’s Super Bowl or bust, it seems. I guess when your dreams come true, you find your inspiration again when someone inconsiderately wakes your ass up. There is no quit inside of me. I live for this challenge.

1-100) Ghost – I look back at my life and watch it happen again. I am watching my birth, my adolescence, my graduation, my marriage, my death all at once. Right now. It is all happening right now. This isn’t a stroll down memory lane. I take a deep breath, not because I have to. I do so to take it all in again, not just my life, but all of life. It vibrates a familiar experience. One I cannot touch or live out second-by-second. It is something I can’t help but crave again. Passion is what it all is. Which only drives me to jump off and live (myself) again.