This is lazy and backward. (PG-13)

by annex50

Thank you to technology for letting there be an outlet for those that can’t express their feelings to anyone face-to-face.

*HELL*, books can be purchased and read online now.

Who needs to read your poem to others? Just post it on the internet. They can read it if they want.

Don’t worry. It’s the drive of the metaphor that has brought us to this point. The point is that your experience is so different from mine that you must tell me in symbols that I can dissect and derive meaning from. *GOD!* That’s how we can share. It’s not simplicity, after all.

Life is so fucking complicated.

Feel your emotion. Sing a tune. Play an instrument. Program your song. Steal samples of the past to make your “new” song new.

Reality TV. Now, that’s funny. It’s as close to real as it really gets now. Just too bad that everyone is drunk. Oh, that is reality. Ah, or is it the pain killers or crack?

*AHHHH!* A caffeine high. This is so refreshing. Let’s charge up for the monotony so we can crash harder.

Love, that is what this is all about. Such desperation! Please somebody, understand me! Hold me tight! Kiss me and let’s make it special, once in a while. *LET’S FUCK!* Not right after work or while the kids are around though. Hell, not during the football game either. Let’s love when we can and we’re both in the mood, ok?

Buzz words. That’s what we need to capture our attention. Yes, can you feel it? Hell, let’s fuck God. Ahhhh!