Quick blurb of value

by annex50

Kris: You are probably the most stubbornly passionate person I have ever met!

Suzanne: You are the fighter I aspire to be. Nothing has ever crushed your will.

David: You are the smartest person I have encountered and constantly challenge me even when I am pissed off.

Kara: You express profundity with your actions.

Lindsey W: You constantly check on me and are truthful when I ask you questions. You have made me better.

Jean (Granny) Starnes: You have always stood your ground and constructed a family identity that cannot be broken.

Janet (Whedon): Such a risk-taker but not by your account. You do what feels right and lead, eyes forward.

Josh Whedon: You MUST listen to yourself now. Inspiration comes from within. You are so talented!

Dad: You never stop listening and that is a trait that has let us stay connected.

Imogene (Grandma) Fitzgerald: You are more perceptive than anyone gave you credit.

Rex (Papa) Starnes: You never showed your weakness. You meant so much to me. Papa’s lap and the TV!

Nona Stamborski: Your excitement lights up the darkest corner. You are everything. Your eyes. Ah, to be remembered forever. Never will I forget your awesome Fried Dough either!

Papa Stamborski: You and your Bills and Yankees! More importantly, you were so warm and inviting. Your place will be comfortable forever.

Stella (Stamborski) Fitzgerald: You taught me the most. I know now that I can and must open my eyes. I need to see the love that is around me. You didn’t forget that. You remembered me after all this time. We’ve battled but we’ve found out a thing or two about ourselves. What more can be asked? Oh, I know. We can continue this journey yet further. We have steps to climb and we will do it together.

Charlie (brother) Turner: Your passion for competition and sports has helped create my foundation. Thanks.

Christina (sister) Corsetti: You have always expressed positivity and portrayed that in your life. Give my love to Miranda and Juliana ~ from Uncle Kevin, of course!

Brian (brother-in-law) Corsetti: I appreciate your forgiveness and allowing us to move forward as friends and family. Thanks.

Chase W: You are probably the most kind-hearted and misunderstood person I know.

Eric T: You live the moment and there is nothing better than that!

Louise Schnipper: You say screw the system and find your own path. Independent and strong, your way is paved by your mind.

Jim Starnes: Adventure. That is who you will always be to me. That is your soul. Don’t lose it please.

Tom Starnes: You aren’t so alone. You are admired, and I think you know it. You have won!

Christin: You are forgiving and fun. Remember that.

Amanda (cousin) Mills: You reminded me the importance of family. I know I am better for that. Thanks!

Elaine (Whiting) Sweatman: I don’t think anyone could have a better friend. As a person, wow, tough to compare. You seem so understated, but I will never forget your friendship. Thank you for being in my life.

Sara (Everson) Sarantos: Above and beyond, I will always value your kindness and passion.

Christos (Sarantos) Everson: Your nonchalance is what makes your intellect and creativity so inspiring. Keep on!

Jeff Everson: Rock and roll. Say it like it is. Truth is where you stand!

Linda Everson: Enigmatic but spirited. If someone could ever encapsulate hope, it would be you. Keep going!

Gabriel Heying: Tolerance and thought. You are aggressive in both.

Jamison Avery: Spiritual and deep thinker. It pervades your being.

Jared Gladkowski: Unpredictable but pleasantly thoughtful. You gain friends easier than you think.

Jessica Morgan: Everyday, you look out for others. I hope someone is doing that for you.

John Henkel: A real friend. I hope you mentor others to become the leader you have grown to be!

Lindsey Botto: You are so damn smart and will conquer the world before you know it. (unlike your hero, Hitler!)

Pamela Botto: The sweetest person you could ever meet. You are independent but never forget others.

Youkang Gao: You helped me to realize that I was not the person I thought I was. That was a great thing.

Joe Everson: So strong and unconditionally loving. You are the dad anyone could wish for. You are intelligent. You ask questions. You engage all that you meet (except for avoiding door-to-door judge wannabes, right David?) with open arms. Your retirement needs to bring you a lot of responsibility and work because you are up to it and seem to welcome it. You fight because you can and that is so admirable.

Margaret Everson: You are the closest to a mother I have ever had. Strength, love, consideration, intelligence, passion, sharing, leading, modesty, honesty… the list could go on and on. Really. I’d accept that challenge any day! Thank you for standing up for me and for making me feel like a member of your family. I cannot stress how much you have meant to me.

Mom: You are the standard I am held to. You are the passion I hope to experience. You need to be stronger. Why? Because, you are not yet dead in my mind. People say things. They put you on this pedestal. They tell me stories of triumph. They also tell me that you lied, deceived, abused, and failed. They tell your story. You have to come back and tell me who you really were. You can’t give in. You can’t let me go one way and then be sliced the other. I have been a symbol of your potential. I have been a painful reminder of your terse existence too. I have also been told of your unconditional love, relentless competitive spirit, shielding will, defiance of naysayers and shallow-thinkers. You were not what you could have been. I am not what I can be either. An impasse. No! Life still spins here, doesn’t it?

Me: I fight. I respond. I know, Mom, that you exist beyond spiritual means and Biblical quotes. I hate you. I love you. I am learning to find you. I do this so poorly. I am too negative. I don’t listen like you did. I form opinions too soon. I fall too quickly. I am a victim. You made me this way, right? No? I can’t… keep… making excuses. I fail… too much. I pretend too much, don’t I? I promise, that it’s in defense. I will do better. It’s all I can do. The light is what we both seek. We can do it!