Death’s Door

by annex50

Death is often an unexpected interruption that makes you reflect not only on the life that has been lost but how your mistakes or life situation may be aligned with the cause that befell that person (whether you are in the infancy stage of that development or in the later stages.)  Sometimes, death seems natural.  A life seems well represented at a certain age or benchmark of accomplishment.  However, sometimes, death comes at a time most inopportune.  Sometimes, it effects a child who is in the midst of figuring out an identity, career, passion, reason for thinking.  Sometimes, it just shakes your foundation into a quicksand and sifts your particles into fragments that you are left to make sense of and build again.

It’s this that muddies the idea of the soul.  It’s this that stirs the emotional pot.  It’s this that forms the question.  Why?

Answers don’t console you.  Friends can’t caress you.  Love isn’t there anymore.  Everything is lost.

You are left


find your way…

{{Uncle Keith, fight strong for your son, my cousin}}