Let’s talk

by annex50

I have returned to blogging because I was asked why I wasn’t.  I said that it was pointless so that is why.  I think blogging begins as an inner circle, and if you try hard enough, it can grow.  You can grow new friendships from it, but then it just seems like another Google Plus circle.  Sorry, I tried to throw the simultaneous future reference at you.  But, I blog because I want those that I care about to read it because they want to and give feedback.  I think I had that sporadically, but, it started to feel like a competitive art show.  I departed from that frame of mind, at least investing time into it, because it felt like writing was met with shame.  I either wrote and felt bad the next day for expressing, got critiqued in a way that felt academic, or seemed to write to no one at all.  What was the point?  Was it to feel bad or indifferent?


I love when people are honest, but I also love it more when someone tries harder to understand what they are saying too.  Is anyone asking you why you say what you do when you respond and should they?  I feel like responses, with friends as I will assume on this platform because I choose to, should only criticize when it can facilitate an understanding with regard to the intended expression.  What was meant by the writing passage or other artistic expression?  Do you need a signature on your relationships?  Sign on to this; let’s talk.