I am so digging

by annex50

I don’t take life serious
for a lot of reasons.

My grandma had an “out of body” experience recently.

She recalled seeing her body and the hazy bodies standing up doing things that she could not recollect even at the moment

Her heart stopped. They were working for her to stay

She signed a DNR after that.

Do not resuscitate.

After, of course, she came to.

They gave her 2-5 months.

Unless she had heart surgery.
My mom was faced with that 24 years ago,
but technology has(d) come so far.

Same rhythm.

Don’t miss a beat


did not matter.

I’m in a fuss anyway.

Cross me once

me twice

the charm is

that it provokes my fire.

I love the beat,
but not the process.

Call me

crazy to the death.

I say soon, you say the burn is brighter.

I’m not for poetry anyway.

When she had her liiiiiiiiiiiiiine,
she remembered feeling
at peace.

Was that spiritual or scientific?
I doubt it matters.
I understand why she signed the DNR.
She didn’t want to be in a wheelchair with others
taking care of her. She wanted to give give
until she gave
a burden.

Not for her, not for me either.

It’s not about me,
but it is.

They approved

of her decision

to her living daughter.
She’s 82.

I say fuck it.

Age is cruel.

My heart won’t stop.
I wish it would.