Naming Rights

by annex50

Look, let’s give all you shit-throwers the power for a minute. You’re president. You need to GOVERN a country. You need to uphold all the ideals that have made it even possible for you to be heralded. You’ve attracted many. They are followers by CHOICE. So, that means they voted for you.

You have a budget. You need to cut funding and inevitably reduce viable survival opportunities. Adenoidal voices erect your concentration of energy toward profitable AND innovative initiatives that can allow the country to “advance” which harmonizes a progression both economically and ideologically. However, other voices below for diversity; it’s not always the same people; it seems that different conflicts attract different people. You find yourself governing those who are incredibly rich and have passionately mastered the art of gathering currency (dollars and sense) and want to protect those assets AND the “common-folk” who passionately think and feel (science and art) and develop ideas with infinite internal currency. Opposition grows like a snowstorm; it’s a lake that freezes over.

Encountering another who seeks what you have garnered fosters a duality of sorts, like it was a part of your biology; a choice seemingly bestowed upon you. Controlling versus aspiring; grasperation. Connection. It’s there but one does not lend a hand to the other. Divided because of a construct; a theoretical mechanism, a “something” that exists but is not easily understood. It divides us even at birth. Have it or not, it means everything. Money, skin color, gender, reproduction of individuality. Identity is an identifiable trait. It’s what has been built. It predates today and defines tomorrow. Choice resonates both in it’s inception and deception, and only solidifies a group of others.

Abandoned seeking an embrace.

Loved thwarting advances.

Islands stepped on and gasping for air.